February Favorites

Hello friends! It's been a while! I have been so ridiculously busy lately and have not had time to post. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. In the meantime, here are my February favorites! It was a shorter month so there's not too much on this list. It's mostly food haha 

Okay, so bad but I have been eating so much pasta lately. I try not to eat it a lot cause of the carbs but for some reason.. pasta just sounded good all the time. I had a lot of different kinds though... spaghetti, pesto, macaroni and asian noodle things. There's so much you can do with pasta and I need to try to cut down! 

Pressed Juicery
This has been the latest craze. I've seen it all over social media sites and I had to try it out. I had the Citrus 2 and the Strawberry/Apple/Lime. It is all so delicious! It's suppose to replace a meal I guess and it does the trick. Downside is it usually only has a shelf life of 3 days so I can't stock up. I mean it's an easy thing to do yourself, get a juicer and fruit but these are easy grab and go meals. 

I love avocados. Recently I have just been eating them plain. I'll cut it in half, sprinkle a little garlic salt and pepper on it and just scoop and enjoy!

OPI Lost on Lombard
This is part of the San Francisco collection and I went to get a pedicure and they had this color! I had never seen it in person and it is so pretty!

PTX Say Something Cover
Obsessed with this song and this cover. I have been listening to this non-stop. PTX always has great covers and this is just incredible. Have a listen!
That's it for now! Hope you all have a good week! 
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