March Favorites

March favorites! Woo sorry it's a little late. There's not much for last month but nonetheless, these were some things I was obsessed with!
Dr. Rescue Baby Lips 
I have a few of these and decided to try the clear one just for lazy days and when I need a quick touch up. This is going to be great for the summer. It is really moisturizing and lasts a long time.  

Hot Cheetos 
Okay, weird I know. I'm not going to lie... I've had these for breakfast one or two times. Haha My co worker and I love the hot cheetos puffs. If we work together in the morning, we go and get a bag of these. SO GOOD!

Forever 21 Necklace
Scored this baby when F21 was having a 30% sale on jewelry. I needed a long, small statement necklace. I love the layers and the coins are fun. 

Is it too early to be buying swim suits? I would say no since stores are selling them. Get them early and stock up! I've already picked a few different ones and can't wait to hit the beach. If this hot california weather keeps up, I won't need to wait until summer!


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