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Hello people of the internet! I haven't posted in a really long time and I apologize. I have been really busy with other things but here is a quick post to kick off the weekend. I love t-shirts. It's great to lounge around in, go run errands in, be lazy and just relax in. This particular shirt is a take on the logo from Hermès. Instead it says homies. Clever isn't it? I've seen a lot of clothing lines do this to other lux brands such as YSL, Céline and Fendi. I think they are fun and a cool spin on the brand names.   I kept it really simple with this look. Whenever I'm in t-shirts, I usually am having a laid back day. So I threw on a beanie and my black chucks. Beanies are the best accessories for not-so-great hair days or just when you are on the go.  (Photos by Jimmy Nguyen)  Have a good day readers! xx, Trisha

Young, Wild and Free

(Dress: Free People) Remember what it was like to run around in the grass all day as a kid? I always used to pick the flowers and collect them in a jar. Today, I reminisced about being young and having fun with everything and anything. So I thought it would be fitting to go explore and shoot at an open field.  Of course it was only right to wear a spring dress. The color is a great contrast to the greens and it's just a great, easy fitting dress for springtime. I love the corals and blues together. I kept it simple and paired it with brown booties and ruffle socks. Easy to run around in! Go be a kid again. xx, Trisha