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10 Summer Beauty Essentials

Hello friends! It's been a while but I'm back and ready to get this rolling again. I had to work out some kinks with my blog so with that said... I have changed my domain from Les Haute Couture to this one that you are looking at now.. Ready Set Wonder. My reason for that is because my old one was hard for people to pronounce and I didn't feel like that suited me. I also didn't want this to be a fashion based blog but more of a lifestyle one too. So... WELCOME TO READY SET WONDER!! Here are some beauty essentials that will help keep you hydrated and moisturized with the heat. Salt Spray Best part of going to the beach is getting that soft, wave in your hair after getting out of the water. Well this salt spray is a good alternative to that if you aren't by a beach. You can find these anywhere. Use a couple sprays and it leaves your hair with beachy waves (without having to go to the beach)! The best that I have found is by Bumble to Bumble.  Sunsc