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Life Hacks: Beauty

Lately I have been really into DIY storage projects. Here are some I found useful via Pinterest. If you are on there, follow me @readysetwonder link on the side bar! These stick-on clips make it easy to hang all your hair electronics.  Organize make up brushes in a glass jar with beans to hold them up.   Use a wine rack for your hair sprays  Use an ice tray for eyeshadows Hang a magnetic strip to hold your bobby pins Store nail polish in a cookie jar so you can see all the colors Hang a magnet board with magnets on your make up to hang  Enjoy! xx, Trisha

Festival Prints

( Shirt: Brandy Melville // Necklace, Pants: Forever 21 // Shoes: Converse // Bracelets: Alex and Ani) Festival season is upon us! I've been stalking photos of Coachella all weekend and I am so inspired by all the fashion. I wish I could have been there... I know weekend 2 will be just as good! I noticed a lot of indian and boho themed outfits; yes typical for a music festival. Funny enough, this is pretty true to my every day style. I would say I'm a little more boyish, boho chic but nonetheless, I love all the prints, colors and details.  With this outfit, I'm wearing these super rad printed flares. They are super stretchy and comfy. I love the print on them and I got these in particular because the colors are so crazy, that way I could wear it with a lot. To keep the theme going, I thought this cropped graphic tee was perfect with these pants. The print is similar to the pants and... I mean, it's an elephant! So cute! Show me your