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Get Ready For Festival Season: Coachella!

Festival season is here!! Woohoo! I am so excited to share some outfit and packing ideas with you! Hope you find this helpful. Keep up with me on all my sites. Like and Subscribe to my channel if you haven't already! xx, Trisha

Outfit Diaries | March

March was so much fun! My friends and I got tickets to go see Justin Bieber a long time ago and we finally got to go! It was such a great show, I wish it was longer. He did his new music and some old! Truth be told, I've been a beliber since I was in high school so this was a dream come true to see him live hahaha I had a big corporate visit so the beginning of the month consisted of that but managed to get some trips and adventures in there. Got to explore some new places and meet new people. Overall it was busy but fun month! Keep up with my on social media and subscribe to my channel if you haven't! Fun things coming up! Instagram: @readysetwonder Twitter: @readysetwonder xx, Trisha