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Outfit Diaries | May

Check out my May adventures... not too many outfits since it was a crazy month of work but hope you enjoy anyways!  Keep up with me on instagram to catch more! @readysetwonder xx, Trisha

Boyfriend Jean Inspo

One of my most favorite fashion trends has been boyfriend jeans. I feel like this is an item that could be worn year round and it looks different on everyone. They are comfortable and such a classic. With that said, boyfriend jeans are the hardest thing for me to style! I think because it's a relaxed look, I find it hard to style a top and/or shoes to make me not look so boy-ish. So Pinterest to the rescue with some outfit ideas. They are all styled so differently - something for everyone! Hope this helps out all the others out there feelin' the same way!  (all photos via ) xx, Trisha