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Cheers 2016

Another year filled with so many memories. New people, new experiences, new point of view. I know I am late with posting this but I wanted to take the time to reflect back on the year. So here it is world. Just a handful of good times I was able to capture. I choose to show you just the good times, don't get me wrong, there have been more than enough sad and tough moments. Thank you to all the friends that shared this year with me. With each year I feel like some friends drift away and some friends become my go-to people. That's just the way some things work and 2016 was when I really realized it. Friendships should be a two way street and if you are putting in 90%, there's something wrong. Don't be down on yourself because you've lost touch with a friend when you have tried to stay close. Focus on people who want to be in your life. It's okay not to be okay. Let yourself go through the motions and learn. 2017 is a year of positivity and changing my point o